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Chicago is expensive! But you can keep the cost down here!

Our home is very convenient to downtown and all the attractions. 17 minutes to the Sear Tower! Next to the Blue Line train!

No meals available but there is a microwave and mini fridge in your room! Hosts live in a different part of the house so you have lots of privacy!

GROUP RATES AVAILABLE! Share with a friend (up to 4 in a room) or completely private.

Just ask!

Coming to Chicago as a group? I can host up to 12 students in my large room. Better than a Hostel!! Please inquire if you\'re looking for that. Great for those weeks off of school! All you need to do is email me and tell me how many people are in your group and how long you want to stay and I will give you the rate.

I have rooms that can house you and up to 3 friends!

There are always other people so you won\'t feel alone!

Come stay with us and see Chicago! For single and shared rooms please continue reading. Don\'t forget to stop by my Facebook page \"Tamara\'s Homestay.\" The $700 per month does not include meals which gives you more dinner and free time flexibility. :)

All rates are quoted as every 4 weeks. If you want to stay for just a week, it is $200. Stay for 4 weeks and save!

For one (1) person in the room $700 every four weeks

GREAT DEAL! For two (2) people in the room, the second person is $650. If you split the cost with a friend that comes to $675 each!

BEST DEAL! For three (3) people in the room, first person, $700, second $650 and third $600. That\'s $650 each!

I do have pets but they are not allowed in the bedrooms and live with the hosts. Our home is in a very SAFE neighborhood. It is just 5 minutes to the blue line train and is extremely convenient to downtown Chicago and all of the language schools. We have free parking for 4 weeks if you have a car. Please feel free to ask any questions! We would love to host you and your friends!

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Safe neighborhood and convenient!
$700 USD

Name Safe neighborhood and convenient!
Location Chicago, Illinois (USA)
Neighbourhood map click here
Date available: 2015-07-01
Until: 2017-12-31
Monthly homestay fees $700 USD per month
Does this include meals?   no
Includes breakfast? no
Includes lunch? no
Includes supper? no

Does this homestay have pets?    yes
Does this homestay allow smoking?    yes

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Listing submitted: 2010-08-25

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