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My wife and I have welcomed international students for several years to Chicago. We are here to help students orient to the culture of Chicago, the strange weather, the transportation and questions about the city. I enjoy receiving students from other countries as I have received hospitality in many countries during my work and travel to Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America. We run an urban farm in the city of Chicago. We are located 200 meters (2 blocks) from an elevated (EL) train into Chicago downtown, the ride is 25 minutes. We live in a very large home with several rooms. We DO have pets: 2 dogs, 3 cats, chickens and goats.

Our home is open and we ask that students understand that all who live here participate in responsibilities to keep rooms organized. We share bathrooms and ask that users of the bathrooms leave the space clean when leaving it. While we have cleaning ladies who come once a week, their responsibility is to clean the bathrooms, the floors and windows. Kitchens are available and we ask students to wash dishes they use, and clear their food. We welcome use of the central kitchen and refrigerators and ask that student identify their food for their own use.

The cost for a single individual room in our home WITHOUT MEALS is $650 for one month.



$75.00 \"moving in \" fee.
$25.00 per monthif you wish to use the kitchen facilities during your stay: frig, stove, utensils.
Each person provides his/her own laundry soap for the washer.

Each room is simple with a bed, desk, lamp, air conditioner or radiator (for heat in winter), a window , dresser and drying rack. We do not have a dryer, each resident may use the drying rack in his/her room or the clothes line outside.

We live on the west side of Chicago near Oak Park (200 meters to the border of Oak Park) and our home is 100 years old in an old historic neighborhood. If this is a good place for you with the transport, we are located 3 blocks (300 meters) from the Green Elevated (EL) train line at Austin Station. We are 25 minutes to the downtown loop.

I must inform you that we have pets, of which three cats live in the house. Two dogs are in and out of the house. Outdoors we keep 20 chickens and 8 goats, these animals are not allowed in the house. We are officially an urban farm.

Best regards

Davidi Ioder
5749 West Midway Park
Chicago IL 606044
skype david.carolyn.ioder
847 612 7315 (text and call)

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David Ioder
$750 USD

Name David Ioder
Location Chicago, Illinois (USA)
Neighbourhood map click here
Date available: 2017-01-01
Until: 2017-12-31
Monthly homestay fees $750 USD per month
Does this include meals?   yes
Includes breakfast? yes
Includes lunch?
Includes supper? yes

Does this homestay have pets?    yes
Does this homestay allow smoking?    no

Link to photos: none

Listing submitted: 2016-07-19

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